AMG Private School Press Release

AMG Private School Press Release



Local Internet Geek Proposes a Brilliant Idea to Help Singapore’s Private Schools 

Singapore, 8/31/2012 –Singapore’s self-proclaimed Internet Geek claims he has a brilliant, not-to-be-missed idea to revive the stagnant local economy – and he’s confident that local private schools will support and hear him out.

According to your full name, owner of the prestigious AMG Concept Pte Ltd, private schools in the country who are surviving and even profiting during these turbulent economic times are the one who are embracing new and modern technologies to advertise and market their products and services. He highly believes and recommends that private schools in Singapore start following their footsteps.

“In our modern world today, the Internet is a powerful tool that allows us to connect and communicate instantly with people, anytime, anywhere. Now, with the existence of smart phones and tablets, people can access the internet with ease and conveniently. As such, I absolutely don’t believe there is a valid reason as to why the local businesses should be suffering,” Jeffrey Tan suggests.

Jeffrey strongly believes that if local Singapore private schools learnt the fundamentals on effective and efficient advertising with the usage of the available online technologies, there would surely see vast improvements in their revenue and market share.

“One of the main problems we have here in Singapore is that most business owners don’t realize that a huge number of people – even right here in town – search and do their research online before deciding which local businesses to spend their money with,” explains Jeffrey “If you and your businesses aren’t visible and active online – you are surely missing out on customers.”

However, if the thought of learning on how to use the latest online tools like Facebook and video marketing makes you stunned and dumbfounded, Jeffrey says not to worry.

“As part of my ambitious plan to assist in the development in our economy, I’ve created an instructional, tutorial video for local private schools to know more on how they can use the Internet to benefit their business – and the best of all, I’m making these freely available to any private schools who’d like to watch them.”

Jeffrey’s videos can be accessed by visiting his website at Enquiries about the plan are highly welcomed.